The Quran – What is the Quran Karim? App Free Download

The Quran – What is the Quran Karim? App Free Download

The Quran

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The Quran has been Preserve 100% within the Original Language – for over 1,400 years! Humanity has received inspiration only through two channels:

The Word of Almighty God (“Allah” [in Arabic]) (scriptures, Bible, Psalms, etc.)
The Prophets sent by the Allah to speak His Will to mankind.
These two things have always been going together, hand in hand. More important though, there have been at that point. tens of thousands of his companions (“sahabi” in Arabic) who memorized the entire Qur’an from the instruction of the prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. Even the prophet himself, peace be upon him, wont to recite it while angel Gabriel once a year and within the last year of his life. He recited it twice just before the month during which he died.

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Next, the leader who came after the prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. (Abu Bakr) entrusted the gathering of the Qur’an to be written in one volume by one among the Prophet’s scribe, Zaid Ibn Thabit. He kept it till his death. Then subsequent leader, Umar and after him to his daughter, Hafsa who had been one among the wives of prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him.

Then from the first text which now resides in Topkope Museum, in Istanbul, Turkey, subsequent leader, Uthman prepared several other exact duplications and sent them to varied Muslim territories such as; Uzbekistan and Turkey and England. Today many of the Muslims from these areas are still memorizing the Qur’an.

What is the Quran?

The Qur’an was so meticulously preserved because it’s the Book of Guidance for all of humanity for all times. that’s why it doesn’t address just the Arabs, in whose language it had been revealed. actually Arabs today don’t comprise quite 13% of the Today of Muslims within the world today.

The Quran speaks to all or any of mankind on a general basis without reference to race, tribe, color, social position, economic condition or genealogy. Allah the Almighty says: O Mankind! What has seduced you from your Lord so Generous? Qur’an 82:6

The Practical Teachings of the Qur’an

Teachings of Quran are established by the instance of Muhammad, peace be upon him, and therefore the good Muslims throughout the ages have endeavored to emulate his teachings both in thought and conduct.

The distinctive approach of the Qur’an is that its instructions are aimed toward the overall welfare of the mankind and are supported the chances within his reach.

The Qur’an is Wisdom Conclusive

It neither condemns nor tortures the flesh nor does it neglect the soul.
It doesn’t humanize God, nor does it deify man.
Everything is carefully placed where it belongs within the total scheme of creation.

Yet it obviously isn’t written in human style (chronological order). those that would claim that the prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, was the author of the Qur’an are claiming something that’s humanly impossible.

How could a person of the 7th century utter such scientific truths as those found within the Qur’an?
Could he describe the evolution of the embryo inside the uterus so accurately as we discover it now recorded in modern science? (see: Dr. Keith Moore’s book – on embryology)

Al Quran Karim

The Holy Quran

Secondly, is it logical to believe that Muhammad, peace be upon him, who up to the age of forty was marked just for his honesty and integrity, began all of a sudden the authorship of a book matchless in literary merit and therefore the equivalent of which the entire legion of the Arab poets and orators of the very best caliber couldn’t produce?

And lastly, is it justified to mention that Muhammad, peace be upon him, who was referred to as “Al-Ameen” (trustworthy) in his society and who remains admired by the non-Muslim scholars for his honesty, would lie around receiving the Qur’an (which forbids lying) from the Angel Gabriel then still be ready to establish the simplest human society on the face of the world , supported truth?

Surely, any sincere and unbiased searcher of truth must come to the conclusion that the Qur’an is that the revealed Book of Almighty Allah.

Reality of the Qur’an

Readers can easily see how the fashionable world is coming closer to reality regarding the reality of the Qur’an.
We appeal to all or any open minded scholars to review the Qur’an within the light of the aforementioned points.
We invite all to challenge the validity and accuracy of the sciences known to man today and confine mind that this is often the precise TEXT employed by the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, over one thousand four hundred years ago.


We are sure that any such attempt will convince the reader that the Qur’an could never are written by any person ever.

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